Is OpenSearch a Database?

Published July 2023 Yes, OpenSearch can be loosely defined as a database.  But more accurately, it’s a distributed search engine.  OpenSearch can be used for text-based data, numerical data, geospatial data, vector data, and aggregating data. OpenSearch is a NoSQL database, meaning SQL queries are supported but not full-featured. We have several education articles for … Continue reading Is OpenSearch a Database?

OpenSearch Cluster Optimization for Small, Medium, and Large Clusters

Published May 2023 Small, medium, and large OpenSearch clusters require different approaches for optimization. Dattell’s engineers are expert at designing, optimizing, and maintaining OpenSearch.  Find out more about our OpenSearch support services. Optimizing a Small OpenSearch Cluster The minimum number of nodes for a small, highly available OpenSearch cluster is three (3). Three nodes might … Continue reading OpenSearch Cluster Optimization for Small, Medium, and Large Clusters

Top 10 Reasons Companies Use OpenSearch

Updated August 2023 In this post we review the top 10 reasons why companies choose Opensearch.  In brief, companies are choosing OpenSearch because it is:  cost-effective, scalable, customizable, has community support, has comprehensive security plug-ins, real-time analytics, easy to integrate, fast performance, based on open standards, and is future-proof. For those new to OpenSearch, it … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Companies Use OpenSearch

Automating OpenSearch with Ansible

Published March 2023 Ansible is an open source automation tool that can automate OpenSearch implementations, maintenance, and workflows. Below we discuss the benefits of using Ansible to improve OpenSearch setup, documentation, and recovery. Ansible for Initial Setup and Configuration of OpenSearch Ansible can be used for the initial setup and configuration of an OpenSearch cluster.   … Continue reading Automating OpenSearch with Ansible

How to Index OpenSearch

Published August 2023 An OpenSearch Index is used to both organize and distribute data within a cluster.  In this post we define both components of an Index and outline how to create, add to, delete, and reindex Indices in OpenSearch.  We will also touch on querying, but querying OpenSearch is covered in more depth in … Continue reading How to Index OpenSearch

OpenSearch Shard Optimization

Updated August 2023 Optimizing OpenSearch for shard size is an important component for achieving maximum performance from your cluster. OpenSearch shards enable parallelization of data processing across both a single node and multiple OpenSearch nodes. OpenSearch automatically manages the allocation of shards within the nodes. However, choosing the number of shards needed is up to … Continue reading OpenSearch Shard Optimization

OpenSearch Terms and Definitions

Published August 2023 In this post we round up the most searched for OpenSearch terms and definitions. OpenSearch Node An OpenSearch node is a single OpenSearch process, and the minimum number of nodes for a highly available OpenSearch cluster is three.  OpenSearch Cluster An OpenSearch cluster is one or more OpenSearch nodes with the same … Continue reading OpenSearch Terms and Definitions

Vector Search for OpenSearch

Updated August 2023 OpenSearch includes a plugin for vector search.  In this post, we introduce vector search and compare the different methods available.   We will also point you in the right direction for example code.   For  personalized help, contact us to learn more about our OpenSearch support services. What is vector search? Here’s the … Continue reading Vector Search for OpenSearch

OpenSearch vs. Elasticsearch

Updated January 2023 With OpenSearch originating as a fork from Elasticsearch, the two databases can appear to be near-identical to the unacquainted.  However, they are unique, becoming more so with each new update.   Here we will discuss how the two search engines compare when it comes to security, licensing, core features, documentation, community support, dashboards, … Continue reading OpenSearch vs. Elasticsearch

What is OpenSearch?

Updated May 2022 OpenSearch is an open source search and analytics software.  It’s a community led project with Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading the development.  It was first created as a fork from Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and Kibana 7.10.2 in 2021.  The OpenSearch search engine is simply referred to as OpenSearch, and the dashboard tool is … Continue reading What is OpenSearch?