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What is OpenSearch?

Updated May 2022

OpenSearch is an open source search and analytics software.  It’s a community led project with Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading the development. 

It was first created as a fork from Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and Kibana 7.10.2 in 2021.  The OpenSearch search engine is simply referred to as OpenSearch, and the dashboard tool is referred to as OpenSearch Dashboards. 

Both Logstash and Beats work with OpenSearch.  For information on how to use Logstash and Beats with OpenSearch see this OpenSearch documentation page.

Is OpenSearch production ready?

OpenSearch has been available for use in production since version 1.0 released in July 2021.

How can I get help with OpenSearch?

Companies such as Dattell offer expert consulting for architecting, optimizing, and managing OpenSearch.

What are AWS OpenSearch and other hosted OpenSearch providers?

Amazon OpenSearch Service is one way for companies to use OpenSearch.  Using a hosted service comes with benefits such as having a ready-made implementation running quickly. 

There are also drawbacks to using a hosted provider. (1) Because the solution is typically not customized, you won’t be getting an optimized solution and will likely be overspending on hardware. This overspending can be costly, on the order of millions in some cases. (2) It can be expensive to add support plans to hosted services and difficult for midsize companies to get personalized attention. (3) Hosted services don’t include training.  

In contrast, at Dattell our plans always include: (1) a custom implementation tailored to your use case and technical requirements; (2) optimization of hardware usage; (3) personalized, prompt support; and (4) staff training on best practices for using OpenSearch.  

Is OpenSearch backwards compatible with Elasticsearch?

Yes, OpenSearch is backwards compatible with Elasticsearch 7.10.2.

Where can I find more information on OpenSearch?

OpenSearch has an active community, including an active forums section on their website and weekly community meetings.  Our consultants at Dattell are also well-versed on the latest release of OpenSearch and have experience implementing the engine for companies of all types, including building large implementations for Fortune 500 companies.

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