Our Experience

Dattell was established in 2016 to help midsize to Fortune 500 companies with their data architecture.  We specialize in Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, OpenSearch, and Elasticsearch.

We have experience across verticals including high tech, medtech, biotech, finance / fintech, defense, entertainment, energy, SaaS, AI, IoT, education, and communications.  

Here are just a few of the companies we’ve helped to architect and support fault-tolerant, highly available architectures that scale.

Build Better Architecture, Save Money

We’ve saved our clients $100M+ over the past six years.

Without our guidance companies tend to overspend on hardware or purchase unnecessary licenses.  We typically save clients multiples more money than our fees cost in addition to building, optimizing, and supporting fault-tolerant, highly available architectures. 

How We Work

We believe that skilled, one-on-one advising, implementation, and training is the best approach for guiding our clients through important decisions involving their most important asset, their data.

TRUSTED TEAM. We will never outsource our work to third parties, and the engineer(s) you work with will remain consistent.

FAIR. Our prices are clear, no gimmicks.

TRANSPARENT. Our clients have the ability to review any part of our implementations.

HONEST. If we don’t think we offer the best option for you, we will let you know.

Your privacy & security are important to us.