We believe that skilled, one-on-one advising, implementation, and training is the best approach for guiding our clients through important decisions involving their most important asset, their data.

Barry is our lead engineer.  He designs, builds, and supports innovative data systems architecture and implements state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.  Barry brings over 15 years of experience with managing scalable, secure, and reliable data architecture, with special expertise in Kafka and Elasticsearch.  Barry especially enjoys use cases that involve high-throughput, high-security, and/or unique applications.

Our Promise to You

TRUSTWORTHY.  We will never outsource our work to third parties.

FAIR.  Our prices are clear, no gimmicks.

HONEST.  If we don’t think we offer the best option for you, we will let you know.

TRANSPARENT.  All of our implementations are built such that our clients have the ability to review any part.

PARTNERS.  We invest ourselves not just in a project but in your company as a whole. We approach each project as if we are a permanent member of your team.