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Automating OpenSearch with Ansible

Published March 2023

Ansible is an open source automation tool that can automate OpenSearch implementations, maintenance, and workflows. Below we discuss the benefits of using Ansible to improve OpenSearch setup, documentation, and recovery.

Ansible for Initial Setup and Configuration of OpenSearch

Ansible can be used for the initial setup and configuration of an OpenSearch cluster.  

Ansible uses roles to load files, templates, tasks, etc. based on a predetermined file structure. 

Using Ansible to build your OpenSearch cluster saves time compared to manual installation. And it also removes the potential for human error / typos when setting up machines. 

Ansible can also distinguish between cluster wide and node specific configuration files.  For example, Ansible can read local information on a server, such as the IP address, and insert that information into the config file.

Ansible for OpenSearch Documentation

It is important for the setup and configuration of OpenSearch to be documented. Sometimes these details are stored in an individual’s head or only partially documented. This documentation gap creates issues when the cluster needs to be expanded or rebuilt.

Using Ansible automation for the build process prevents documentation gaps. The code used to build the OpenSearch cluster becomes the documentation of the complete setup and configuration.

Ansible for Quick OpenSearch Recovery

Ansible, or another automation tool, is also helpful in the event of a data center failure.

Your OpenSearch cluster can be recovered in a new location by simply rerunning the setup and config automation.

How to Get Started with Ansible for OpenSearch

The OpenSearch documentation includes a playbook for Ansible.  The linked file is for the most recent version of OpenSearch, v2.6.  This playbook supports OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards deployment to CentOS7 hosts.  Both Ansible and Java8 need to be installed to run the playbook.

If you are new to OpenSearch, check out our article on Planning a Successful Migration to OpenSearch to learn how to set yourself up for a smooth start.

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