Frequently Asked Questions: Apache Kafka

Our team is experienced with implementing and fixing Kafka on a wide-range of systems for an even wider-range of business needs. From our real-world experience with Kafka consulting, we found that there are common questions that many new clients have about the technology.


I’m missing data. Can you help us troubleshoot where the data loss is happening?

Yes, we can help you at all stages of your data pipeline.  Check out our Kafka Monitoring with Elasticsearch post for more information.

Kafka is rejecting messages after an upgrade. Can you help us? 

Yes, we’ve resolved upgrade issues for many clients–some of which had creative pipelines.

I want to use Kafka as a database. Can you help us with that? 

We do not recommend using Kafka as a database. We can direct you to a better technology to address your problem.

Kafka isn’t working on our cloud platform but works locally. What’s wrong?  

We can help, typically this is an issue with advertised listeners.

I want to send data to multiple locations. Why is Kafka the right choice?

Many message queues support sending to multiple locations. Kafka differentiates itself by allowing asynchronous sending. In other words, when one destination is unavailable, Kafka can still send to the second.

We are encountering issues as we scale. Can you help?

We routinely scale and optimize Kafka for companies receiving large amounts of data, along with data bursts. We also setup auto-scaling events for automated responses to increases in traffic.

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