Kafka Consulting is

Dattell’s engineers work one-on-one with companies to design, implement, manage, and improve their Kafka deployments.  We’ve assisted hundreds of companies to architect and optimize their Kafka solutions through tailored consulting engagements.

Our Kafka experts can help you save time and resources to avoid errors, apply best practices, and deploy high-performance streaming platforms that scale.

Kafka Consulting Services

  • Kafka Architecture Development. A Kafka expert works alongside your team to review your existing solution, and will share best practices, identify areas for improvement, how to avoid errors, provide hardware requirements, and more

  • AWS & On-Prem Deployments. Our consultants have extensive experience with Kafka development and optimization on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and on-prem deployments.  The Kafka expert working alongside your team will provide guidance on best practices for your performance and storage goals, cluster resilience across availability zones, disaster recovery, integration between cloud and on-prem clusters, security requirements, and more

  • Kafka Upgrades. Have one of our Kafka experts review your production upgrade plans and help you understand the differences between versions while maintaining your SLAs

  • Training. Basic and advanced concepts tailored to your specific use case

  • Health Check & Preventative Maintenance. A Kafka expert will work alongside your team to review your current Kafka solution assessing it for reliability, scalability, latency, throughput, monitoring, log management, hardware, preventative maintenance, and more.

  • Experts in Supporting Technologies. Our consultants have expertise not only in Kafka but additionally in critical supporting technologies such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Zookeeper, Docker, Elastalert, H2O and more.  The consultant working alongside your team can assist you not only with your Kafka solution but also will all of the other key components of your data architecture, providing a uniquely comprehensive approach

  • Security. Our consultants can help you formulate and architect a Kafka solution that meets all of your security goals, including but not limited to authorization, authentication, and encryption


Companies Trust in Dattell for Kafka Consulting Services

Dattell has deployed Kafka across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.

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For information on fully managed Apache Kafka as a service, visit our Kafka as a Service page.