Kafka Consulting with Dattell provides expert guidance, training, deployment, & maintenance on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and On-Prem deployments.

Kafka Consulting Services

Preventative Maintenance & Auditing. We offer reviews of existing systems to identify problem areas to prevent outages and optimize performance.

Complete Platform. We work with clients to build a complete data platform including messaging, transformation, database, and presentation layers.  If all you need is messaging, we can do that too.

Supporting Technologies. Our engineers consult on many supporting technologies such as Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Elastalert, Docker, and more.  Read about our proven Elasticsearch consulting program.

Training. We offer custom training for your staff to increase institutional understanding of Kafka and build core competency among your staff.  Learn about our effective and personalized Kafka Training.

Security. The systems we build are designed for the secure transportation of data, secure backups of data in original and database form, secure databases, and secure presentation.

100% Data Guarantee. Our systems are built to guarantee 100% of incoming data is collected and stored in the assigned location(s), whether your organization is collecting gigabytes or terabytes of data daily.

Why Choose Dattell For Kafka Assistance

Dattell has deployed Kafka across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.

Dattell customers and partners

Our consulting engagements start at $2,500 per month.

Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and On-Premise Servers

Dattell’s team of engineers has experience with deploying Kafka on all major platforms.

Educational Kafka Resources

Performance Tuning.  Learn how to tune Kafka performance with tips including how to optimize batch sizes (hint minimum should be 1 kb), optimize number of partitions, and more. Continue reading.

Monitoring Kafka.  Monitoring is a crucial component for problem diagnosis that is often overlooked. Continue reading.

Securing Kafka. There are 6 key components to securing Kafka. These best practices will help you optimize Kafka and protect your data from avoidable exposure. Continue reading.

Kafka Optimization.Learn how to optimize Kafka in 5 minutes. We’ve outlined the most important settings and configurations for optimum Kafka performance. Continue reading.

Kafka FAQ. We aggregated common questions and answers we typically encounter with new clients. Continue reading.

Kafka Topics. In this post we define what Kafka topics are and explain how to create them. Continue reading.

Kafka Partitions. To optimize Kafka for the number of partitions, use the calculation #Partitions = Desired Throughput / Partition Speed, where partition speed is estimated as 10 MB/s. Continue reading.

Inquire About Kafka Consulting

Our engagements span short-term audits and training to longer-term implementation and support.

Every engagement includes an assigned engineer who works with your team through video meetings, Slack channels, emails, and phone calls to provide real-time feedback and guidance.

Inquire today for more information.

Dattell is a Confluent Kafka Consulting Partner

We partner with the creators of Kafka and Confluent to support our commitment to improving messaging and data infrastructure for companies of all sizes.

Confluent Consulting Partner
Our clients benefit from our relationships with the makers of many open source technologies, and simultaneously gain additional value from our comprehensive and independent perspective.

RabbitMQ and Redis Consulting

There are several other options for moving data. Of those RabbitMQ and Redis offer the greatest differentiation from Kafka.  RabbitMQ is far slower than Kafka but provides an optimal REST API as well as an approachable graphic user interface (GUI) for monitoring queues.  Redis, being in-memory only, is faster than Kafka and works best for customers whose destination can receive data far faster than the data can be generated.