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Top 10 Questions: Elasticsearch Consulting & Managed Services

Updated January 2021

 Our engineers work one-on-one with companies ranging in size from start-ups to multinational corporations to design, implement, manage, and improve their Elasticsearch deployments.  In this post we answer common questions we get from new customers about Elasticsearch consulting and managed services.

1.) Does Dattell support Elasticsearch implementations on my own company’s infrastructure?

Yes, whether it is a managed services or consulting engagement our engineers have extensive experience with Elasticsearch optimization and management on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and On-Prem. This approach allows our customers to retain full authority over there data.

2.) Does Dattell offer 24/7 monitoring of Elasticsearch clusters?

Yes, for our managed service clients we offer round-the-clock monitoring to ensure that your implementation is running smoothly. 

3.) Do you support custom Elasticsearch implementations?

Yes, we love working with open source products and would enjoy learning about what you created.

4.) Can you train my employees?

Yes, we can train your employees on how to implement or fix your Elastic stack pipeline.

5.) Can you scale to 10 TB of data a day?

Yes, we use horizontal scaling techniques that go far beyond 10 TB of data per day.

6.) What kind of security do you provide?

Every Elasticsearch implementation has state-of-the-art data security built-in. Our engineers architect your cluster(s) to meet all of your security goals, including authorization, authentication, encryption, and more.

7.) Can Dattell maintain the system?

Yes, we provide an endpoint for you to send your data to. Then, we’ll handle the rest.

8.) Is there a limit to the number of dashboards?

There is no limit on the number of dashboards.

9.) Does the data need to be structured?

No, we have experience working with all types of unstructured data from credit report PDFs to transcribed books.

10.) Can Dattell reduce my company’s cloud costs?

Yes, Dattell has assisted hundreds of companies to architect and tune their Elasticsearch solutions while reducing cloud costs by up to 80%.


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If you are interested in 24/7 support, consulting, and/or fully managed Elasticsearch services on your environment, you can find more information on our Elasticsearch consulting page.

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