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Apache Pulsar Support FAQ

Updated August 2023

Read about common questions that new clients have when searching for Apache Pulsar support services. 

Part A: Technical Questions

We are encountering Pulsar scaling issues. Can you help?
We routinely scale and optimize Pulsar for companies receiving large amounts of data, along with data bursts. We also set up auto-scaling events for automated responses to increases in traffic.
I’m missing data. Can you help us troubleshoot where the data loss is happening?
Yes, we can help with all stages of your data pipeline including app/producer generation of data, transformation, and loading.
Pulsar is rejecting messages after an upgrade.  Can you help us?
Yes, we’ve resolved update issues for many clients, some of which had creative pipelines and schemas.
Can you assist with a Pulsar upgrade?
Yes, we can work with your team to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.
Do you support ZooKeeper and BookKeeper?
Yes, we support the full suite of technologies needed to successfully run Pulsar.
Can you help us with Pulsar geo-replication?
Yes, we can set up Pulsar geo-replication.
Can you help us monitor Pulsar?
Yes, we pride ourselves in building dynamic Pulsar monitoring with automated alerting.  With managed Pulsar, Dattell’s Pulsar experts personally monitor your implementations 24/7 to keep them running smoothly.
Can you help us design a Pulsar implementation from scratch?
Yes, we will work with you to understand your business and technical requirements to design a Pulsar implementation that supports your unique use case, while making the most efficient use of your hardware. 
Can you help with Pulsar implementations under ITAR, HIPAA, and PCI?
Do you offer Pulsar training?
Yes, we can train your staff on best practices for using and maintaining Pulsar with a focus on the intricacies of your specific implementation / use case.
Can you assist with Pulsar running on Kubernetes?
Yes, our team members have extensive experience with implementing, optimizing, and supporting data architecture on K8s. Sometimes Kubernetes’ built-in automation can break Pulsar, and attention needs to go into adjusting settings in K8s.
Do you support Pulsar on client environments?
Yes, we support Pulsar in your environment, whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Part B: How Pulsar Support Engagements Work

If I hire Dattell will I get a dedicated solution architect or someone different depending on the day or month?
We always provide you with a dedicated Pulsar expert to become an extended member of your team and provide personalized Pulsar assistance from start to finish. You will meet your solution architect before the engagement starts to ensure a good fit.  

How will we communicate and work with Dattell?
Your assigned solution architect will work with you through your team’s preferred messaging system, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, video calls, email, text, and/or phone calls.  Your assigned engineer can VPN into your system, you can provide a company laptop, or we can strategize another way to work together if neither of those work for your use case.

What are your response times?
We strive to respond to all client inquiries in under 10 minutes. We guarantee incident response times within 30-minutes for Priority 1 issues for our fully managed Pulsar clients. All issues, no matter how small, are guaranteed a response within 3-business hours for all of our clients.

Are there caps on monthly Pulsar incidents?
No, we do not have a cap on incidents for Pulsar support or any of our other services.

Part C: Additional Pulsar Resources

We have many articles on our blog about the fundamentals of Pulsar.  Here are a few post that our clients have found particularly helpful:

We also offer a free Apache Pulsar course on Udemy that explains the basics concepts of Pulsar and includes a quickstart tutorial.

Apache Pulsar Support Services

If you are interested in 24/7 support, consulting, and/or fully managed Pulsar services, you can find more information on our Apache Pulsar services page

Schedule a call with a Pulsar solution architect.

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