Get Chief Information Officer support for a fraction of the price using one of our virtual CIOs (vCIOs, fractional CIOs, CIO services). 

We specialize in building data infrastructure that aligns business and technical goals while meeting budget demands.

Our experience spans across industries including fintech, healthcare, software, government contractors, high tech, energy, entertainment, blockchain, crypto, and defense.

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Why Choose Dattell for Fractional CIO Services

Building data infrastructure that aligns with current business needs and future goals takes a specific skill set.  Our virtual CIOs (fractional CIOs, CIOs for hire) have a deep understanding of how to build, optimize, and maintain data infrastructure that out-performs.

Our team has the rich interpersonal skills needed to communicate with and manage personality styles in both the c-suite and IT team.

And we do all of that with a focus on using free, open source tools whenever possible.  The free tools we use do not sacrifice performance.  In fact, big companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Netflix use open source tools like Apache Kafka as part of their infrastructure (source). This use of free technologies saves our clients hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on yearly licensing fees.  Money that can be used towards increasing sales, hiring employees, or simply added to the bottom line.

Our vCIO's Experience

Here are just a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients: 

  • Scaled ingestion of 80 TB of data per day while at the same time saving them over $20M per year in licensing fees
  • Trained and built development and data infrastructure teams
  • Implementation of industry best practices for management and product delivery
  • Delivered business products based off real time data and artificial intelligence
  • Migration between cloud providers, to cloud, to partial on-prem
  • Drove the architecting of a brand new data infrastructure that queries 90,000 per second, while also saving the client $70,000 per month on cloud hardware costs by directing the team on how to appropriately configure and optimize the technology

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Virtual CIO Consultation

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our fractional CIOs.  

Virtual CIO Consultation

Schedule a free, 20-minute consultation with one of our fractional CIOs.