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We’ve assisted hundreds of companies to architect and tune their Elasticsearch solution while reducing cloud costs by up to 80%. Our Elasticsearch experts are early adopters of Open Distro for Elasticsearch and are actively helping companies apply and optimize the new technology.

Our Open Distro for Elasticsearch experts can help you save time and resources to avoid errors, apply best practicies, and deploy high-performance data processing and search architectures that scale.

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Open Distro for Elasticsearch Professional Services

  • Open Distro for Elasticsearch Architecture Experts. Expert on optimization, best practices, scaling, performance, tuning, hardware requirements, and more

  • Design & Implementation. Build comprehensive search and big data solutions using Open Distro for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack

  • Experts in Supporting Technology. Including other open source technologies Elastalert, Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker and more

  • Designed for You. Consulting services tailored to your specific use case and communication style, providing individualized attention

  • Code reviews. Comprehensive audits, health checks, and preventative maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Migration to Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Such as migration from commercial tools like Splunk to Elasticsearch

  • Training. Basics and advanced concepts tailored to your specific use case


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Dattell has deployed Elasticsearch across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.


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Benefits of Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a widely used, horizontably scalable, open source database that has become a vital technology for log analytics and efficient search.   Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers four new powerful technologies that sit on top of the Elastic Stack to provide more security and functionality.

Security and Login.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers new security technology with an extensive suite of security features.  These features include authentication, encryption in-flight, detailed access control, audit logging, improved compliance features, among others.  Authentication includes options such as Active Directory and OpenID.

Performance Analyzer.  Open Distro’s Performance Analyzer delivers visibility into system congestion or bottlenecks.  This technology allows users to query Elasticsearch, network, disk and operating system metrics in tandem.

Alerting and Monitoring.  Open Distro’s event monitoring and alerting technology allows users to track events and send automated notifications to stakeholders.  The system interfaces with Kibana using a pre-built API.  Alerts can be customized to include specific conditions.

New Query Tools.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers an improved search experience, similar to SQL.   It also allows Elasticsearch to integrate with SQL-compliant technologies.  Additionally, Open Distro’s technology provides direct export to CSV, along with dozens more functions.