Open Distro for Elasticsearch is

Our Open Distro for Elasticsearch experts can help you save time and resources to avoid errors, apply best practices, and deploy high-performance data processing and search architectures that scale.

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Managed Services

  • Manual configuration of Open Distro for Elasticsearch
  • High availability
  • Safeguards to support data spikes/load changes
  • Provisioning of servers
  • Server replacement if/when they fail
  • Lock down of security
  • Integrate with your LDAP/SAML
  • Train your staff on best practices and use
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Built on your cloud or on-prem environment

Open Distro for Elasticsearch Consulting & Professional Services

  • Design & Implementation. Build comprehensive search and big data solutions using Open Distro for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack

  • Optimization. Assistance with best practices, scaling, performance, tuning, hardware requirements, and more

  • Code Reviews / Audits. Comprehensive audits, health checks, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting

  • Migration to Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Such as migration from commercial tools like Splunk to Elasticsearch

  • Experts in Supporting Technology. Including other open source technologies Elastalert, Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker and more

  • Training. Basics and advanced concepts tailored to your specific use case


Benefits of Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a widely used, horizontally scalable, open source database that has become a vital technology for log analytics and efficient search.   Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers four new powerful technologies that provide more security and functionality.

  • SECURITY & LOGIN.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers new security technology with an extensive suite of security features.  These features include authentication, encryption in-flight, detailed access control, audit logging, improved compliance features, among others.  Authentication includes options such as Active Directory and OpenID.
  • PERFORMANCE ANALYZER.  Open Distro's Performance Analyzer delivers visibility into system congestion or bottlenecks.  This technology allows users to query Elasticsearch, network, disk and operating system metrics in tandem.
  • ALERTING & MONITORING.  Open Distro's event monitoring and alerting technology allows users to track events and send automated notifications to stakeholders.  The system interfaces with Kibana using a pre-built API.  Alerts can be customized to include specific conditions.
  • NEW QUERY TOOLS.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers an improved search experience, similar to SQL.   It also allows Elasticsearch to integrate with SQL-compliant technologies.  Additionally, Open Distro's technology provides direct export to CSV, along with dozens more functions.

Trusted Elasticsearch Advisors

Dattell has deployed Elasticsearch across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.

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