Dattell’s SIEM as a Service is a fully managed SIEM solution built on your cloud or On-Prem environments, providing real-time security monitoring, machine learning assisted threat detection, incident forensics, and threat management. 

By harnessing Elasticsearch open source technology, we are able to provide a fully customized, fully managed SIEM solution to our clients at a much lower cost than other SIEM vendors.

At Dattell, we’ve helped hundreds of companies to achieve their data and security goals.  Request a quote to learn more about how we can help you with your Security Information Event Management.

Managed Elasticsearch SIEM Benefits

  • Comprehensive Data Ingestion. Elasticsearch SIEM can ingest any form of text-based data, including the following data types: network equipment, operating system logs, application logs, cloud usage/tracking, application performance management, audit logs, file system integrity logs, e-mails, website traffic, honeypot activity, physical access records, industry specific data, and more

  • Fully Managed. An Elasticsearch SIEM expert will architect and fully manage a SIEM solution that works for your specific use case, ensuring high availability, real-time monitoring and alerting, managing maintenance and upgrades, incident forensics, and more

  • Built and Managed on Your Cloud Instances / On-Prem Servers. We have extensive experience with Elasticsearch optimization and management on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and On-Prem. Do not compromise the integrity of your data security by sharing it with a third party

  • Reduced Latency. Compared to external cloud hosted options we build alongside your infrastructure in your network

  • Routine Backups. Data backups are conducted based on your schedule to ensure data availability

  • Machine Learning Assisted Analysis and Alerting. We use a combination of machine learning and threshold based alerting for enhanced threat detection including behavior analytics

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management. Rest easy knowing that SIEM experts are monitoring your data security around-the-clock and will provide guidance on how to take action against threats

  • High Availability and High Throughput. All of our fully managed SIEM platforms are built to ensure high availability whether your data volume is 100 GB or 100 TB a day

  • Enhanced Security. Every implementation has state-of-the-art data security built-in. Our engineers architect your Elasticsearch cluster(s) to meet all of your security goals, including authorization, authentication, encryption, and more

  • Cost Effective. No markup on cloud instance fees / not incentivized to create a large and inefficient cluster, and no licensing fees

Companies Trust in Dattell for SIEM Services

Dattell has deployed, managed, and maintained SIEM and Elasticsearch solutions across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.


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