Strategy, design, implementation, and fail & fix of the systems that collect, store, and provide value from your data.

Optimized and automated data architecture is crucial to modern business, especially during growth phases. Often scaling organizations run into problems with data loss, limited functionality from off-the-shelf products, inability to locate crucial data, problems with unstructured or non-uniform data, and/or being crushed with licensing fees.

Dattell removes those problems with seamless, automated, user-focused solutions built with open source software.

    • RETAIN 100% OF DATA WITH FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE – We build, implement, and/or fix systems that will scale when specific thresholds are met, such as message volume.
    • CONSOLIDATE DISPARATE DATA – We build centralized reporting platforms that pull together data that is currently housed in separate databases, files, and/or programs into central locations for easy, secure review of real-time actionable business information.
    • GAIN INSIGHTS WITH EASE – We implement customized graphical user interface experiences, including dashboards, depending on the users’ needs.
      • SEARCH ANY FORM OF UNSTRUCTURED TEXT DATA – We parse and enrich any form of text data.
      • MONITORING – No games, Dattell ensures that you are always aware of exactly how all of your services are running. Monitoring is also required for autoscaling events.
    • AUDITS OF CURRENT ARCHITECTURE – We audit existing platforms to identify areas for optimization.

    Our engineers will begin our engagement with you by learning the business requirements for your system, ensuring that the technical solution meets the business needs.  Inquire today for more information.