Strategy, design, implementation, and fail & fix of the systems that collect, store, and provide value from your data.

Data Architecture Consulting Services

Dattell removes common problems such as data loss and limited functionality by providing scalable, seamless, automated, user-focused solutions built with open source software.

Retain 100% of data with modular data architecture.  We build, implement, and/or fix systems that will scale when specific thresholds are met, such as message volume.

Consolidate disparate data.  We build centralized reporting platforms that pull together data that is currently housed in separate databases, files, and/or programs into central locations for easy, secure review of real-time actionable business information.

Gain insights with ease.  We implement customized graphical user interface experiences, including dashboards, depending on the users’ needs.  Read more about gaining insights with AI and Machine Learning.

Search any form of unstructured text data.  We parse and enrich any form of text data.

Monitoring.  No games, Dattell ensures that you are always aware of exactly how all of your services are running. Monitoring is also required for autoscaling events.

Audits of current architecture.  We audit existing platforms to identify areas for optimization.

Why Choose Dattell for Data Architecture Advising

Dattell has deployed Kafka across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.

We leverage trusted, high-performing open source technologies for our data architecture implementations which means that all of our solutions are free from licensing fees.

Our consulting engagements start at $2,500 per month.

Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and On-Premise Servers

Dattell’s team of engineers has experience with designing and implementing custom data architecture on all major platforms.

Data Architecture Resources

How to choose a message broker.   There are several message queue programs to choose from: Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ, Redis, among others. How do you choose which is right for you?  Continue reading.

4 approaches to data backup. We outlined the four primary ways for backing up data and their benefits and drawbacks to help you decide on which approach best meets your use case.  Continue reading.

Monitor your message broker with open source tools.  Monitoring Kafka cluster performance is crucial for diagnosing system issues and preventing future problems. We recommend using Elasticsearch for Kafka monitoring because Elasticsearch is free and highly versatile as a single source of truth throughout any organization.  Continue reading.

3 business questions to guide data collection, storage, and insights.  With this guide you will be able to define the business and technical requirements for your data platform.  Continue reading.

Message brokers.  Get acquainted with our message broker services and educational resources.  Continue reading.

Databases.  Learn about our open source database services (Elastic Stack) and educational articles.  Continue reading.

Data security.  Read more about our data security checklist and education resources, including California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) specific resources.  Continue reading.

Machine learning.  Dattell leverages real-world test algorithms and open source tools to provide state-of-the-art machine learning and AI for our customers.  Continue reading.

Inquire About Data Architecture Consulting

Our engagements span short-term audits and training to longer-term implementation and support.

Every engagement includes an assigned engineer who works with your team through video meetings, Slack channels, emails, and phone calls to provide real-time feedback and guidance.