AWS Elasticsearch Audit includes

Reduce your monthly costs on AWS Elasticsearch without any upfront fees.  Pay only a portion of your savings.  Dattell works with companies to complete a free audit of their AWS Elasticsearch implementation and identify and implement changes to reduce costs and improve performance.

During our audit and ongoing work together we take the time to understand the business requirements and ensure any changes will improve business requirement performance.

AWS Elasticsearch Audit Case Study

In the course of less than four months, we saved a mid-sized startup enough money on their AWS Elasticsearch monthly costs to hire two additional employees.  And in addition to saving money, the updates and optimizations implemented by Dattell improved the responsiveness and scalability of the Elasticsearch platform.

Trusted Advisor for Elasticsearch

Dattell has deployed Elasticsearch across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.

Inquire About Saving Money and Improving Performance on AWS Elasticsearch

For information on our traditional Elasticsearch advising and implementation, visit our Elasticsearch Consulting page.