Data Architecture & Machine Learning Services

  • Data Architecture Built For You. Our engineers will work with you to build infrastructure to reliably collect and store data in a way that is scalable, searchable, and secure

  • Machine Learning to Improve Outcomes. We build real-time analysis and prediction systems that enable our customers to make decisions driven by data

  • Training.  Our engineers train your staff on how to use the software and are available for on-going assistance

  • Designed For You. Software solutions tailored to your specific use case, providing individualized attention

  • Built Quickly. Most of our solutions are up and running in a matter of weeks so that you can start benefiting from your investment immediately

  • Cloud and On-Prem. Our engineers can work in any cloud or On-Prem environment, working with you to meet your data authority, security, and cost goals

Our data architecture and machine learning experts can help you improve your company’s relationship with data by implementing a reliable, high-performance system that provides real-time visual analysis and predictions, allowing you to make data driven decisions.

Trusted Data Advisors

Dattell has built, deployed and managed high-performance data architecture and machine learning systems across high-volume Fortune 100 Companies, high-security government infrastructure, and customized start-up use cases.

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