Dattell Announces Consulting Partnership With Confluent

Updated June 2018

Apache Kafka is an open source program that reliably moves information between systems. Kafka can function as a streaming service, messaging, and storage system. Kafka is ideal for building programs that can meet a company’s growth because it is horizontally scalable. Dattell regularly audits, designs, implements, and fixes Kafka platforms for its clients..

Now, Dattell is partnering with the creators of Kafka and Confluent to strengthen our commitment to improving messaging and data infrastructure for companies of all sizes. Dattell will work with Confluent through the Confluent Partner Program.


Dattells engineers are experts in open source software while remaining technology agnostic and possessing an extensive understanding of how the technologies work together. Our clients benefit from our relationships with the makers of many open source technologies, and simultaneously gain additional value from our comprehensive and independent perspective.

Visit our Kafka support page for an overview of our services.

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