Getting to Know Open Distro for Elasticsearch

AWS released Open Distro for Elasticsearch, adding to the performance and usability of the already essential log analytics and search technology.  In this post we outline the new features that Open Distro provides and an overview what this new open source technology means for Elastic Stack users.

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Open Distro for Elasticsearch Technology and Features

Enhanced Security With Authentication Options.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch delivers improved security technology with an expansive offering of security features.  These features include authentication, encryption in-flight, detailed access control, audit logging, improved compliance features, among others.

Authentication includes options such as Active Directory and OpenID.

Simplified and Expanded Query Tools.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch offers an improved search experience, similar to SQL.   It also allows Elasticsearch to integrate with SQL-compliant technologies.

Additionally, Open Distro for Elasticsearch delivers more than 40 features, data types, and commands.  One of the most enticing features is direct export to CSV.

Improved Performance Analysis.  Open Distro for Elasticsearch’s Performance Analyzer delivers visibility into system congestion, aiding users in identifying bottlenecks.  This technology allows users to query Elasticsearch, network, disk, and operating system data simultaneously.

Customized Alerting and Monitoring.  Open Distro’s event monitoring and alerting technology enables users to monitor events and send automated notifications to stakeholders.

The system interfaces with Kibana using a pre-built API.  Alerts can be customized to include specific conditions.


Open Distro Licensing

Open Distro for Elasticsearch is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and is 100% open source.  The open source technology is supported by AWS, leveraging Elasticsearch and Kibana code.

AWS confirms that this new technology is not a fork.

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