Frequently Asked Questions: Elasticsearch Consulting

Our team is experienced with implementing and fixing Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kafka on a wide-range of systems for an even wider-range of business needs.

From our real-world experience with Elasticsearch consulting, we found that there are common questions that many new clients have about the technology.answer-business-career-221164

Do you support custom Elasticsearch implementations? 

Yes, we love working with open source products and would enjoy learning about what you created.

Can you train my employees? 

Yes, we can train your employees on how to implement or fix your Elastic stack pipeline.

Can you maintain the system? 

Yes, we provide an endpoint for you to send your data to. Then, we’ll handle the rest.

Is there a limit to the number of dashboards? 

There is no limit on the number of dashboards.

Does the data need to be structured? 

No, we have experience working with all types of unstructured data from credit report PDFs to transcribed books.

Can you set up alerts that are sent to my email or phone?

Yes, we can create custom alerts based off exactly what your needs are.

Can you scale to 10 TB of data a day? 

Yes, we use horizontal scaling techniques that go far beyond 10 TB of data per day.

dattell logo bars (6)Data consulting and implementation services from Dattell provide STRATEGY, ENGINEERING, and PERSPECTIVE to support your organization’s data projects. Our services include custom Data Architecture, Business Analytics, Operational Intelligence, Centralized Reporting, Automation, and Machine Learning.  Dattell specializes in Apache Kafka and the Elastic Stack for reliable data collection, storage, and real-time display.

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